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Cross Automatic Loading Stretcher

  1. The starting models of the roll-in cot Carrera Tec offer security levels, lightness and elevated comfort.
  2. Dimension Length 1970 mm [77.56 in]
                     Width 570 mm [22.44 in]
                     Weight 38.7 kg
                     Load capacity 160 kg
                     Wheels – 200 mm[7.87in],                                                                                                                                                      front fixed,rear auto directional, Brakes: posterior Loading


Head Immobilizer

Super Blue
Compact universal head immobilizer blue

  1. Indispensable for head immobilization. The Super Blue can be used with spine boards and the scoop stretcher. It is made of high density foam, covered with water repellent material.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Washable and easy to stock
  4. The head supports have an anatomic profile and offer a stable and comfortable support
  5. The head support's positions can be adjusted thanks to the use of a highly resistant type of Velcro®
  6. The head immobilizing straps are made out of polypropylene and are padded in the part in contact with the patient's face
  7. The positioning of the base is very easy, thanks to the Velcro® fixed to the lower part of the base.
  8. The base is reinforced in the areas most exposed to use.
  9. Width 1 mm




Folding Stretcher

  1. Spencer 100 is used as a secondary stretcher in ambulances or as an emergency stretcher in industrial areas.
  2.  Complete with two orange quick-release restraints
  3. Reflective mark to increase nocturnal visibility
  4. It is also available in the decontamination version
  5. Weight 5.5 Kg, Load Capacity 170 Kg
  6. Dimension Width 480 mm
                     Length open 2010,
                     Length folded 1000 mm



Wheel Chair Stretcher (Four Wheels)

Evacuation chair with four wheels

  1. In addition to the amazing characteristics of the Spencer 406 model, extra structural elements have been added, as for example, two pirouetting wheels, complete with brakes movement and on the axis and footrest so as to respect the correct posture of the patient. It is also possible to equip the chair with armrests and a large insertable posterior auxiliary handle.
  2. The Spencer 407 chair is supplied with three polypropylene 50 mm straps.

                            Length 800 mm
                            Width 12 mm
                            Height 975 mm



Scoop Stretcher

  1. The Scoop Stretcher can be used to lift, transfer or transport the majority of patients
  2. Quick and safe apparatus for the separation and solidification of the two semi stretchers
    It is also available in the veterinary version.
  3. Minimum extension : 1200 mm
  4. Maximum extension : 2168 mm
  5. Folded extension : 1200 mm
  6. Width : 435 mm
  7. Folded thickness : 85 mm
  8. Weight : 9.9 Kg
  9. Load Capacity : 170 Kg



Vacuum Splint Kit

  1. The EMSoft splints are made of coupled vinyl with an ultrasonic welding process. They are easy and fast to model.
    They can also be used for exposed fractures. The standard version has Velcro® closure straps.
    X-rays can be performed without removing the splints.
    The valve, welded onto the PVC sheet, guarantees a strong hold; thanks to a one way system, it avoids air from entering when the vacuum pump is removed.
  2. The EMSoft kit is complete with three sizes
                     - splint size S (730 x 600 mm)
                     - splint size M (900 x 68 mm),                                                                                         - splint size L (1100 x 770mm)


Anti Shock Trouser

  1. Jacob is designed to allow rescue operators a rapid and simple application on patients that have hypovolaemic shock.
  2. Adjustable in different sizes
  3. Separate replaceable air chambers
  4. X-ray compatible
  5. Made to be long lasting: the three air chambers are separate and made of polyurethane welded with a HFW process. The pressure of every chamber is monitored independently
  6. The pressure of the homogeneity around the legs is guaranteed by the design of the chambers, which adapts to patients of different sizes
  7. The large inguinal opening allows access to the femoral vessels for the catheterisation or collection of blood, without having to reduce the pressure
  8. The transport bag, made of tear proof material can carry the Jacob anti-shock trousers and the inflation pump; the container is over-dimensioned to allow the contemporary transportation of other emergency instruments
  9. Available in adult and paediatric sizes
    - Navy blue with yellow writing

                       Dimension Adult -1190 x 520mm
                       Weight - 5 kg


Art. AK01000 - Clicca per ingrandire l'immagine

SED Extrication device
  1. Spencer Extrication Device is an instrument for extrication and spine immobilization, ideal for all emergency situations. Particularly suitable for victims blocked in vehicles, collapsed buildings and uneasy places. It can also be used with pregnant women, children and babies. It is ideal for the immobilization of the hips and pelvis fractures. The covering made of robust nylon covered in vinyl limits abrasions and assures total integrity. The vertical rigidity and the horizontal flexibility are the main characteristics of this device, which allows a rapid immobilization of the spinal column and a secure extrication. The belts and the buckles are coloured for easy recognition. SED is completely X-ray compatible.
    It is supplied with
  2. comfortable and robust transport bag
  3. nape and chin strap
  4. cushion to be used as padding for the back of the neck
  5. It is available in paediatric version Length 880 mm
    Height 305 mm
Vacuum Mattress
  1. CDK is a classic vacuum mattress, it is robust and reliable. The lower part of the CDK is fitted with a rope reinforced by Santoprene® handgrips to ensure an easy handling system. On the top part the combination of the cord and the handles serves as a strong loop to attach the patient’s fixation belts. The top side is orange and the bottom side is grey. The on/off valve made of chromed brass with a built-in fitting for rubber tube is resistant to any temperature and guarantees unlimited duration.
                            Length 2130 mm
                            Width 880 mm
Spine Board with Spider strap system
  1. The Rock Straps system allows the complete immobilization of adult or paediatric patients onto Spencer spine boards and also onto other types of spine boards. Thanks to the diagonal parts, which move on the central belt, it adapts itself with precision to different body builds. Fixation is with Velcro®. To simplify use, the straps are colour-coded. Completely X-ray compatible. They are made of strong but soft 50 mm nylon tape and are sewn together with special lockstitching techniques.
  2. Spine Board - Length 442 mm, Width 65 mm, Height 1825 mm Includes spider strap system

a Art. ST02035 - Clicca per ingrandire l'immagine

Manual Suction Pump           Res-Q-Vac is an easy to use suction pump, portable, stable and compact, capable of generating a suction of -550 mm Hg by pressing the pedal with hand, knee or foot. In emergency situations it allows to clear patients’ airways safely, quickly and efficiently. The precision of the wiring and the solid structure assure a long lasting product. The structure made of polycarbonate is strong and is very easy to clean. The autoclavable vase is complete with an overspill valve.
If you think of a suction pump independent of any power source, compact and light but at the same time strong and efficient, with a competitive price then Res-Q-Vac is the one for you.


Electric suction pump The impressive simplicity of the shapes of this model, together with the distinguished technical characteristics which guarantee extreme functionality, immediately attract attention. The rectangular vacuumeter perfectly integrates with the shapes of the body and is placed in a protected position, perfectly visible from above.
The high-capacity engine does not need any maintenance and easily creates high grades of vacuum (-550 mm Hg) and high capacity (23 L/min).
The Porta Vac is equipped with a local power source plug, allowing quick recharging of the batteries and/or functioning with net-energy.
Porta Vac can be supplied with a comfortable carrying bag, which can contain not only the suction device, but all accessories as well. Another important accessory is the metal wall-support for fixation on emergency vehicles


ALS Emergency Kit
  1. ALS - The bottom of the bag is divided in two rigid compartments closed by nylon flaps with Velcro® system. Two side pockets with zipper. Two Velcro® straps for 2 L oxygen tank fixation. On the bottom there are two big Velcro® straps to attach other specific cases.
    On the inside of the front lap there is a big pocket, which has four compartments with zippers. In the lower part there is an expandable pocket to maximise the rationalization of space. Outside the front lap there are two big pockets with zipper closure. A handle on top offers use also as an emergency bag.
  2. Dimension :- 500 x 220 x h450 mm         Weight :- 12 Kg
  3. The Kit Contains :- Pro B life resuscitator adult, Pro B life resuscitator paediatric, Air cuffed mask size 0, Guedel Size 0, Guedel Size 1, Guedel Size 2, Guedel Size 3, Guedel Size 4, Kit Guedel 6 Sizes, Collin tongue holder, Wedge mouth opener, Universal scissors, Automatic tourniquet TIV, Isothermic sheet adult, Magill forcep adult, Magill forcep paediatric, Basic BP phonendoscope, Basic Bp Sphygmomanometer, Plaster 1,25 cm x 5 cm, Plaster 2,5 cm x 5 cm, Plaster 5 cm x 5 cm, Silk Plaster 1,25 cm x 5 cm, Spencer ice instant ice, IME laryngoscope kit, Sterial disposable syringe 10 ml, Sterial disposable syringe 5 ml, Hydrogen peroxide 10 vol 250 ml, Pharmasteril alcohol 250 ml, Strip plaster 40 pcs, Surgical forcep, Klemmer haemostatic forcep, Hemmed gauze bandage 5m x 5 cm, Hemmed gauze bandage 5m x 7 cm, Hemmed gauze bandage 5m x 10 cm, Pen light, Disposable light stick, Burn dressing 10x10/20x20, Flex mask box orange, Vacu Aide, Catheter for controlled suction, Yankauer rigid suction prove


First Aid Kit
  1. It is efficient and well organized to meet with the needs of First Aid, attractive yet eye-catching, to be easily and quickly located while solid and resistant to guarantee both a secure usage and durability.
  2. Dimension :- 415 x 100 x h320mm         Weight :- 5.8 Kg
  3. The kit contains :- Sterial Gloves, Face shield, physiological liquid sterial 500 ml, Disinfectant Bottle 500 ml, Hydrophilic cotton box 100 gm, Tourniquet, silk plaster 2,5 cm, assorted plasters Box 10 pcs, Sterial gauze dressing 10x10 cm, Hammed bandage 10 cm, sterial Sheet, spencer ice Bag, Sanitary trash bag, mouth opener, Clinical thermometer with sheath, Bandage Scissors, Sterial burn gel 3,5 g, Elastic bandage 4x6 cm, pro valve


Porta Vent 190 Resucitation System Complete

  1. Made and structured to contain a pulmonary ventilator, 2 L oxygen bag and all that is necessary for ventilation management.
  2. The ventilator is fixed to an aluminum carrying panel.
  3. Flexible: because everything has a space.
  4. Modular: to adapt to your needs according to the situation.
  5. Long-lasting: to resist every condition.
  6. Innovative: it has a belt system for the shoulders that can support ten times more force and pressure than the most
  7. Conventional pressure lifting system available on the market today.
  8. Complete with   -Aluminium structure
                             - 600 D nylon Oxford cover
                             - Spencer 190 ventilator
                             - 2 L tank
                             - Pressure reducer
                             - Patient circuit tube
                             - Non-rebreathing valve
                             - Adult and paediatric masks
                             - Connection tube
                             - Power cable 12 V
                             - Guedel airways                                                                                             -Tongue forceps


Evacuation Chair -Proskid

When looked at in more detail, the Pro Skid-E adopts the same frame and the same runners as the Skid-E, but above all with one difference regarding the use of a transport chair in respect to those of an evacuation chair. In fact, a variation of the structure and of the weight distribution,associated with the application of convenient posterior handles make possible the use of Pro Skid-E also uphill.

The Pro Skid-E chair is supplied with two polypropylene 50 mm straps.

    • Weight: 17 kg
    • Pro Skid-E silver - SK10201E
    • Pro Skid-E yellow - SK10001E


Burn Kit
  1. ­A must kit for all rescue units.
  2. It contains all you need to treat a burnt patient.
  3. The new Matrix bag protects all the contents and finds a space in all vehicles.
  4. The used materials can be replaced with spare ones.
  5. Maxi Burn Kit contains
    • Universal scissors
    • one pack of sterile gloves
    • two Burn S dressings 10 x 10 cm
    • one Burn S dressing 20 x 20 cm
    • one Burn S dressing 55 x 40 cm
    • ten Burn B gel packs 3,5 ml
    • one self-adhesive bandage
    • one sterile gauze pad 10 x 10 cm
    • two isothermal blankets
    • two instant ice in bags
           Length 340 mm
           Width 2 mm
           Height 300 mm